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Design for People is a studio devoted to making the world a better place; specifically, a place that fits you better than anything that can be mass produced. If you are interested in building a small, low impact, affordable, locally relevant house, look no further. With experience in all phases of construction from initial sketch to final trim, let Design for People make the world fit you a little better.

We do things a bit different. When working with small structures, it is essential to see every inch of the building as usable space. There isn't any extra room to waste, so we design everything to fit. Utilizing a combination of the latest in digital manufacturing and dependable construction techniques, we are able to create nearly every component that goes into your house, no matter how custom it may need to be. If you need a bed that disappears when company is over or a clever means of storing a record collection, we can create a beautiful solution. Because we are both designers and builders, we know how to integrate custom features into the design from the very beginning, so there are no surprises when it comes time to install.

Along with houses, we are able to create solutions to many different kinds of problems, from Airstream remodels to garage conversions, van customizations to custom furnishings, we have the design aesthetic and building capabilities to outfit any space.